New Statement by Senator Harry Reid
Leading Senate Democrats were hard at work over the long weekend drafting a budget to replace sequestration's mindless and dangerous deep spending cuts.

Our plan will create a surplus over the next ten years without raising taxes on working families, by pursuing reasonable, common-sense, good governance. We will simplify the tax code and close corporate loopholes, promoting investment in America rather than sending profits and jobs overseas. We will not increase corporate or income taxes for anyone but the top earners. The wealthiest Americans want to do their part to protect our nation's economy, rather than sticking middle-class Americans with the bill. We will continue to uphold the promise of American opportunity and progress through investment in infrastructure, education, and sustainability, all without increasing the deficit. 

Balancing the budget should not mean slashing social programs. It should not mean abandoning those most in need of help or maintaining a system designed to make sure the wealthiest keep winning big and those who are struggling keep losing. 

The American people deserve better than this destructive cycle of deadlock and crisis-to-crisis governance. With this budget, we pledge to be the elected officials the people of this great country deserve. It’s not about political winners and losers: it’s about doing right by the American people.

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    November 2013