While I have the utmost personal respect for my Republican counterparts, I am profoundly disappointed in the budget plan they have created. In these difficult economic times, the American public is looking for a new path forward. The path we have been on over the past several years, and the path that my esteemed Republican colleagues have chosen to continue down, is simply not good enough.

We in the Democratic caucus have made the tough choices necessary to forge a new way through a moderate and responsible budget. We have closed loopholes to make our tax code simpler and fairer. We have replaced dangerous sequestration budget slashing with targeted and responsible cuts, while continuing to invest in the strength of both our social and defense programs. We have made sacrifices in order to reduce the deficit and put our country on the road to financial recovery.

The Republican budget is unfortunately little more than political grandstanding. It refuses to face the need for tax reform, laying the government’s fiscal burden on the poor and the middle class instead by cutting crucial social programs to the bone. This kind of irresponsible far-right posturing leaves no room for compromise or negotiation. At a time when Americans are saying in growing numbers that they are tired of crisis-to-crisis governance and partisan deadlock, Republicans have offered up the same old partisan politics. 

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    November 2013