The Administration’s budget reflects our desire to create a sustainable government for the American people over the coming fiscal year as well as the long-term.  The budget wisely cuts spending and reverses the arbitrary sequester cuts which would have undermined America’s ability to invest in itself.  Our proposal reduces the deficit by nearly $1.1 trillion over the next ten years.

The Administration seeks to invest in the future of America by prioritizing educational and health programs in budgetary decisions.  A healthy and educated America will lead to economic growth and an improved life for our hard-working citizens.  That said, we are working hard to close loopholes and reduce fraud in these sectors, so that Americans receive the best quality in education and healthcare. America’s schools are lagging, and it is time to reinvest in our children, in STEM fields, and in ensuring that America continues to be a hub for great minds to convene and make life-changing discoveries.

Our plan strengthens an already secure and strong America by providing the resources our military requires. The budget ensures that service members, their families, and veterans receive the services and care they require and continue to be compensated appropriately for their service and sacrifice. Our plan ensures that America will be protected from new threats such as cyber attacks and germ warfare.

The Administration's budget holds big business to a greater degree of accountability so that local businesses do not bear an unfair share of the burden in America, thus strengthening the middle class. This is accomplished through a fee on large financial institutions as well as an end to tax loopholes and in subsidies to large corporations. The big businesses that have alienated small business in America and led to the Great Recession are expected to contribute to our recovery.

This budget plan is balanced, sustainable, and bipartisan. It will further us along the path of economic recovery and will ensure that America maintains its status as a strong global leader and the greatest country on Earth.
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