Today the Senate Republicans continued their work to deliver a balanced budget to the American people. This budget delivers $1.5 trillion in savings and reduces the deficit by $400 billion, in line with the hopes and concerns the American people have expressed for the future. The Republican proposal grows the economy, creates jobs and thoughtfully reduces the size of government while not raising a dime of taxes for anyone.

We are committed to reducing the size of government while keeping this great country safe and economically vital. America will continue to lead the world in innovation through research and education. The neediest among us will receive a helping hand up, not a handout. The Republican budget restores reason, responsibility and prosperity to these United States now and far into the future. We’re committed to a bipartisan process to get results for Americans and we look forward to working with our Democratic colleagues.

--Senators Ron Johnson and Mitch McConnell

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    November 2013